DISHIN’ IT OUT – Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza

Who doesn’t love spicy, hot wings, or a great pizza? Coal fired, thin-crust pizza is the highlight, and the wings hardly play second fiddle either at Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza. Dishing It Out recently went to cook with their chef Andrew and the owner Yvette Bonfiglio at their Oakhurst, New Jersey location. Frank and Linda Sorrentino quickly discovered that Tommy’s is a place where the food is fresh, in-house made, and the service is warm and welcoming. It is the perfect place to get a cocktail of your choice, or spend an evening unwinding after work.

Chef Andrew guided and directed Linda to make her favorite pizza, the Jersey Shore Clam Pie. She was shown how to stretch and work the dough to form a perfect round pie. Then the toppings of fresh clams, roasted leeks, fresh parcel and a blend of cheeses, were added. It was placed in the hot coal fired oven to bake.

As we waited for our pizza to bake, we went onto the next feature item, their special and original wings. A host of spices and olive oil were sprinkled on a large pan of raw chicken wings that we mixed with our hands until all wings were coated. These were now put into the same coal fired oven to bake for 20 to 30 minutes. The sizzling wings and pungent aromas were making us crave our culinary delights to come. Frank decided to try his hand at one of Tommy’s classic pizzas, and that too was placed in the oven to bake.

First to come out was our Jersey Shore Clam Pie. We were amazed at how delicious it was! The Clam Pie was our absolute favorite! The wings were next, and they had a different twist from the usual wings that we’ve had before. What made them different was that they were topped with spicy onions and peppers.

The experience at Tommy’s was a true culinary delight for Frank and Linda Sorrentino. The food was outstanding, and the atmosphere and service was as well. We look forward to our next dining visit to Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza.








Anyone living in or visiting the New Jersey area should stop by for the most amazing wings and pizza around.

© 2017 Tommy's Coal Fired Pizza is now Urban Coalhouse Pizza & Bar
Same Owners..Same Experience..New Name

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